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LDARC FB400 flyball 3S`4S soccer drone PNP/BNF DJI Naza / HKF4530D FC ,altitude holding self-stabl

FB400 PNP-1.jpg

FB400 flyball/soccer drone is an innovative product launched for education and trainning, which meets the relevant standards of International Aviation   Federation ( FAI ) and ASFC. Its flight is stable and reliable, suitable for creative light show, air confrontation competition, visual trainning, FPV entry training ,DIY and other youth UAV teaching activities.


. Suitable for eduction, training ,competition and other use scenarios.

. FAI 9A-A rules technical parameters.

. Altitude holding, self-stable flight mode.

. High efficient power combination, flight time 7.5 minutes

. Adjustable   RGB LED and a variety of special effects intelligent light control.

. Extensible as FPV trainer.

. PC injection molding frame, T700 carbon plate.

. DJI Naza or F4 flight control, feel and parameters can be adjusted hight current resistance ESC.

. Complete ecological solutions, improve the site, scoring system , scoring   course, competition equipment, etc..

. Manual: FB400 user manual

LED controlling system:

. Rear light   color adjustable:   white,   green, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, cyan, extinguished .

. Circle light color adjustable:   white,   green, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, cyan, extinguished.

. Circle light effects mode adjustable: Normally on,   Breathing,   flow, flash fast,   interval blinks, blink at alternate intervals.

. Rear light effects mode adjustable:   Normally on Breathing,   flow,   flash fast,   interval blink at alternate interval.

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FB400 PNP-3.jpg

FB400 PNP-4.jpgFB400 PNP-633.jpgFB400 PNP-5.jpgFB400 PNP-6.jpgFB400 PNP-7.jpgFB400 PNP-8.jpg

Version option and Package list:

. FB400 PNP version:   FB400 drone (with HKF4530D FC) *1+ Plastic ball cover *1set

. FB400 RTF   version:   FB400 drone (with HKF4530D FC) *1+ AC2000 receiver + Plastic ball cover *1set + EX8 Radio (mode2) *1

. FB400NZ PNP version:   FB400 drone (with DJI Naza-m lite FC) *1+ AC2000 receiver+Plastic ball cover *1set + EX8 Radio (mode2) *1

Recommend accessories ( need buy separatly ) :

. 3S 11.1V 2600 mAh 35C XT60 Plug to training   ( 7.5 minutes endurance ).

. 4S 14.8V 1800 mAh 65C XT60 Plug to competition .

. if want support FPV fuction , can add Rocket VTX 25-600mW 48CH IRC-Tramp and Nano2 canera 700 TVL 1/3' CMOS .

Remark: For good transportation, except the ball cover guard and props, the soccer drone has been assembled before ship. customers can assembled the cover guard following assembled video.


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